Tranquilo en Lima … pero en D.C.

tranquilo en lima…
no necesariamente es un lugar si no una manera de ver las cosas
o estar en todos lados pero en un mismo lugar

17:00 pm 

The resting gallinazos, the palta plant and the crocodile from the jungle with Rafael, during the stages of the sun.

17:05 pm

After the band play, the lady in green says hello and the dog enjoys the sun over the gargoyles from when the city wasn’t 200 years old.

17:08 pm.

The cat with the Turkish tail over the skull, the shades of cherry with the ball of the World Cup, (the city hasn’t seen the team arrive yet), and if the apple has a worm, then the pigeon that is a rat of this great dwelling sees the sun.
Let’s not forget the friend who celebrates that goal before it has…

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